Between Firdaus Amasa And Aisha Folami, How Nigerian Muslims Improved

That Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance shouldn’t be something too difficult to be believed by any sane mind, as long as the Muslims complement that statement with righteous and peaceful characters at all times.


My Journey So Far.

I however had no mapped out plan. I remember attending a seminar on self development a few years back and one of the facilitators said something about how important it is to have a written set goals, five-year plan etc. Well, I never even gave it a deep thought, and when we were asked individually about our written plans… I’m no Saint, Not at all. I’ve made bad decisions, taken wrong steps, slipped and fall quite a few times, even sustained injuries…

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Typical or Atypical African Mother: Own your Responsibility Over Your Child(ren)

…culture and human relationships rank high and what people always have to say about my kid(s) rank higher, so statements like “omo yi o gbe ko” (this child has no manners), is dreadful I wouldn’t want to hear it. And it’s a nightmare to hear that “omo yi ti doju ti awon obi e” (this child has put his/her parents to shame). So I do everything possible to ensure that my “omo” (child) is not qualified as such…